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5 Key Considerations When Buying a Commercial Property

December 12, 2018

Commercial Property

Navigating the purchase of a commercial property can be difficult simply due to the amount of considerations required, such as whether the yield is appropriate compared to wider market, its location, whether the property has an existing tenancy and the leasing terms surrounding this lease. For first time buyers, this may cause some stress and […]

Thinking of changing Property Manager?

December 11, 2018


It is a common misconception that by signing a management authority with a Property Manager or Real Estate Agent that you are contracted to that particular real estate agent or property manager for the term of the tenant’s lease. This is incorrect and a lot of cases you can change real estate agents or property […]

9 Tips to get your property leased

December 7, 2018

Residential Leasing

For any property investors, finding a tenant can seem like a stressful prospect. However, if you break it down into some key steps, the process is simple and will lead to leasing your property quicker and to better tenants, ultimately increasing your investment returns. Ensuring the property is appealing to prospective tenant is obviously important, […]

7 Tips For Negotiating A Commercial Lease

December 3, 2018

Commercial Leasing Commercial Property

Generally speaking, common sense and an experienced property manager, will go a long way in ensuring both parties remain happy throughout a lease term. To really make the process stress free, there are some key steps that to follow that will allow for a mutually beneficial business relationships. 1. Agree on the terms in a […]