May 20, 2019

Technology is improving faster than ever before and this is having significant benefits for the property industry, it means agents can provide a more streamlined service and increase the speed in which they can interact with stakeholders. With new technology, there is also new threats which requires agents to remain vigilante and put privacy and security at the forefront of their service offering.

Below we outline the 5 key benefits of embracing technology and having a paperless office which ultimately assists our clients in optimising their returns and experience.

1. Speed of Information

One of the advantages of a paperless office means that information and files become infinitely more accessible, digital files are quicker and easier to access than managing paper files. Faster communication translates into a better customer service. Which means not waiting 3 days for a staff member to find a document. A couple clicks and its in your inbox, just like that.

2. Automatic Audit Trail

Agencies need to adhere to strict legislation guidelines. A big issue most owners have is agents losing documents that have been handed into the office. A digital document system can ensure these documents are saved to file as soon as possible. Tracing original documents and finding any edited copies is very simple. Having digital files decreases the chances of documents being lost, especially when a document filing system is effective.

3. Document Security

Information stored digitally is far more secure than documents that are filed in paper. Digital files are easy to ensure restricted access is made for private and confidential information. Making backups isn’t difficult and if files are lost or data theft occurs it is much easier and has a higher chance of being recovered. Paper documents however are much more exposed to incidents such as fires, floods, leaks and theft. Ensuring all documents are saved digitally and securely can ensure your property information is always safe.

4. Mobile Employees

Working paperless and cloud-based means that all property information is stored easily and is more accessible by your agent. This increases the flexibility for agents during the day as they can work from anywhere. Agents can ensure more time is spent visiting properties and clients to ensure a holistic management approach to your assets. It also increases time for agents to view and meet potential clients and assets to increase your opportunity for growth.

5. Shared Knowledge Amongst Employees

A key part of having a successful agency is enabling knowledge to be shared between the team. Unfortunately, when all the notes are written down in someone’s notebook in a locked draw, transferring knowledge can be difficult. Digital collaboration tools are a fantastic way to ensure knowledge is shared and circulated correctly to all staff members. This means when an agent is away any staff member can help with the situation at hand.