May 20, 2019

How to change your Perth Real Estate Agent or Property Manager?

It is a common misconception that by signing a management authority with a Property Manager or Real Estate Agent that you are contracted to that particular real estate agent or property manager for the term of the tenant’s lease. This is incorrect and a lot of cases you can change real estate agents or property manager at any time. If you decide to change service provides, we can provide the steps to conduct the hand over in a seamless process with no fees incurred.

Switching to our Property Management Services is Easy

• We will contact your managing agent to inform them of your wishes to change
• We arrange the collection and handover of all documents related to your property
• We arrange transfer of Bond (if tenanted)
• We arrange collection of all keys for your property
• If the property is currently tenant, we contact the tenant to advise of handover
• We arrange rental payments to be redirected to our Trust account
• We critically review your property and follow up any outstanding property matters

Although it may appear daunting to change what you are used to, remember that a property is an incredibly valuable asset and you need it to be looked after by a trusted property manager.