Lever Property

Lever Property’s purpose is to consolidate our clients’ portfolios and capitalise on all property assets as an opportunity for growth. Lever Property specialises in commercial management, leasing and sales and residential management and leasing services.

Lever is driven by industry insights and financial knowledge, ensuring we fully understand the needs of each individual client. We approach each portfolio uniquely, whether it be a single residential property or large commercial/residential mix, we recognize property as a powerful asset for growth that requires professional management to achieve growth. We work to understand, guide and assist our clients to make informed property decisions that align with their investment strategy.

Our team holds a diverse range of experience in the property and financial industries, providing a holistic and proactive approach to property portfolio management.

Based in Perth and operating Australia wide, Lever Property has the size and industry knowledge to confidently manage all property portfolios from first time buyers to experienced property investors.

Our Approach is clear:

  • Understand – Get a clear view of your objectives
  • Honesty – Deliver feedback on what is and how we can deliver the best outcome
  • Align Strategy – Ensure we both understand and are align with clear expectations
  • Proactive Management – Protect your asset and get the best outcome
  • Leverage Growth Opportunities – Look forward to explore new opportunities and grow wealth through property ownership

Throughout this process, we regularly review strategies to ensure we are working at optimal capacity to help our clients achieve their objectives. With a strategy in place and shifting our view forward, Lever Property will position your investment as an opportunity for growth to expand your property horizons.