Commercial Property Management

We get the most out of your investment with our commercial property management services.

We assist in all forms of office and industrial property management, working with owners and tenants across Western Australia to provide solutions to ensure their operational requirements are met.

Our focus is being proactive, getting to know your commercial tenants and understand your property. Applying our early engagement philosophy across the board to ensure your investment and interests are well looked after.

Whether you’re a landlord, investor, developer or occupier of office or industrial property, our property experts provide market-leading commercial property services to match.

Our Commercial Property Management Services Include:

Rent review reminders are entered into our critical dates diary and reviewed monthly meaning no rent review is missed.
Proactive maintenance ultimately improves the value of your commercial property, we utilise our extensive approved contractor list to achieve this.
We understand what is reasonable to protect your commercial property and we can assist in analysing the strength of your policy.
We proactively follow up on collecting rent and provide monthly invoices well ahead of due dates to allow the tenant sufficient time to pay.
Detailed financial reports to suit individual investors, through to detailed reporting entities.
Constant arrears follow up allows us to manage expectations and understand potential issues with tenants.
We are not rigid in how we operate and can pay owners weekly as required to meet their needs.
Detailed annual reports are provided to assist with tax preparation.
We inspect regularly to ensure the commercial property is performing well and any issues are quickly rectified.
We constantly assess outgoings to ensure your commercial property remains competitive in comparison to other properties.
At the end of the lease we manage expectations early to give everyone the best chance of meeting their obligations.
A happy tenant is more likely to stay, we focus on the relationship to give them the best possibility of remaining a tenant.
No dates are missed with our system and this is reviewed at our weekly and monthly meetings.
A critical protection of your assets, we ensure it is safe, secure and always valid.
If there is a capital expenditure project, we obtain and review quotes and will manage the works for you.