Tenant Advisory

Commercial Tenant Advocates

A Tenant Advocate (also known as a Tenant Representative) represents the interests of a commercial tenant – both in helping to find and negotiate suitable properties to lease, but also to renegotiate existing leases.

Our tenant advisory clients receive a common-sense recommendation that clearly quantifies your options for your commercial leasing.

Some questions to ask yourself if you think you may need help in negotiating a commercial lease and are considering using a tenant advocate.


Do you have spare time outside your day-to-day tasks that can be devoted to locating and securing a new property to lease?

Considerable time is required to identify, assess and negotiate a new lease for your business.


Do you have a strong and detailed understanding of terms and risks associated with a commercial lease?

Commercial leases vary dramatically from lawyer to lawyer, understanding the terms and how they affect your business is critical.


Are you comfortable negotiating with a landlord appointed leasing agent?

There are many moving parts to a lease negotiation for commercial premises and we assist in carefully navigating these discussions.


Do you have an extensive understanding of how your requirement sits within your local property market?

To get the best terms within a lease, a detailed understanding of comparable transactions, current rents, outgoings and incentives is required.

If your company is looking to move into a new premise, we can act as your commercial tenant advocates to provide the below services:

This often involves reviewing the tenant’s specific objectives and limitations along with current and future requirements. We take a holistic approach to assessing factors such as financial objectives, functionality, staff retention, growth strategy etc.
We use our existing database and extensive professional networks to identify all suitable properties, including ones not publicly advertised. This can mean we prepare and release a detailed brief to the broader market.
We collate all your options and assess which ones have the potential to meet your needs, drilling down into the options that require further investigation.
We physically inspect the shortlisted properties to ensure that they meet your needs, and to assess any potential risks.
We assess the market rental value which includes current market incentives of all properties being assessed including your current tenancy.
We review and assess offers from prospective landlords and utilise our negotiating skills to obtain the most competitive rental and lease terms.
If required, Lever will assist in the fitout design and project management of the new tenancy, we have extensive networks of architects, designers and builders that can handle the entire process.
if required, we can engage and co-ordinate with other professional advisors including lawyers and financiers.

Our approach to commercial tenant advisory is flexible and proactive. Our clients receive a quantifiable assessment of their options that allows them to make informed decisions in the best interests of their businesses.

Re-negotiation of existing commercial leases.

Along with our services relating to the identification of new premises, we also assist with rent negotiations with existing landlords.

This may involve:

  • Negotiating and managing your make good obligations.
  • Negotiating lease extensions.
  • Assessing if your current lease is comparable to the market.